Climate Change and Resilience Building

The percent of the global population moving to and living in urban areas has been increasing over the last decades. At the same time, the frequency and magnitude of climate related occurrences has been rising in recent years. The coupling of larger populations in a geographically concentrated area with and increasing risk of severe weather events has created a need for pre-emptive planning to mitigate the potential costs to cities and their inhabitants. The rapid urbanization in cities around the world often finds the poorest populations in areas most prone to climate events. Planning practices and strategies need to enhance the ability of cities to rebuild infrastructure and communities.

The Institute for International Urban Development believes that finding solutions to mitigating the effects of climate change on urban areas is achievable while being both cost effective and inclusive. Small scale and financially feasible resilient projects can leverage the assets of local urban centers to define and build resilient infrastructure.

To read I2UD’s Climate Change Adaptation and Resilience Framework please click Download.