Training & Capacity Building

Curriculum Development

I2UD conducts training programs for mid-career and executive professionals in urban management, strategic planning and development. We hold trainings in the host country and tailor programs to the needs of each client. Programs address the challenges public agencies, private companies and NGOs face in addressing rapid urbanization in shifting economic and political climates. As a former center at Harvard University Graduate School of Design and led by a former Chair of Harvard’s Department of Urban Planning and Design, I2UD staff have extensive experience as professors and administrators of academic programs. We advise universities on creating or expanding urban planning programs and provide consulting and training for universities to develop and lead their own mid-career professional training programs.

Featured Trainings

Executive Seminars on Strategic Planning and Management of Municipal Infrastructure Programs, South Africa, 1998-2006 In 2006, the Institute restarted the international education program in South Africa with the planned offering of courses in Pretoria and Cape Town. The courses addressed issues of strategic planning, infrastructure investment and partnerships for local economic development. Over 700 participants attended the courses from 1998 to 2004. This program aims to build the capacity of provincial and municipal officials in order to foster economic development. Tsinghua Executive Education Course For three years, I2UD led an Advanced Leadership Program for senior Chinese officials on behalf of the Office of Executive Education at the Harvard Graduate School of Design. The topics were selected to illustrate emerging trends in urban planning in the Western World, including:
  • Dynamics of urban growth and urban planning in market economies
  • The redevelopment of obsolete areas through public/private initiatives;
  • Environmental regulations and the development process;
  • Urban design and landscape design principles;
  • A series of lectures on real estate development principles.
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