Urban Planning

I2UD’s professionals, staff and expert consultants have extensive technical expertise in urbanization, planning and development. To broaden I2UD’s expertise, we partner with organizations that bring complementary knowledge in the areas of civil engineering, municipal finance, and climate and ecological modeling. Our specific technical expertise includes:

  • Regional and municipal strategic urban planning
  • Urban revitalization and Historic Districts Restoration
  • Housing policies and slum upgrading
  • Climate change adaptation and resilience
  • Environmental management and service delivery
  • Community-based development and public participation
  • Local economic and infrastructure development
  • Land markets and management policies
  • Implementation strategies, including institutional arrangements
  • Project evaluation, benchmarking and performance assessment

Equally important as our technical expertise is our understanding of the process of development. Over the course of several decades, the staff at the Institute has developed a deep understanding of urbanization trends, the barriers that frequently obstruct development projects, and the process of working with government, communities and international organizations to establish meaningful interventions.

As a non-profit “outsider”, we have a broader outlook on the development process that leads us to facilitate inter-agency and cross-border communication and collaboration, as well as encourage less powerful local actors to have a voice, knowing that such institutional capacity and consensus building forms the foundation for future initiatives. Wherever we work, the Institute emphasizes empowering municipal entities, enabling the formal and informal private sector to participate, and engaging community involvement in the development process.

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